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Amza, ID 3302:

"finding jobs never being easier with Model Galaxies. With variety types of job to choose from, Model Galaxies will always updates the members on the latest job offered through email and calls. I registered with Model Galaxies on last November 2008, and since then, I had received calls and emails regarding part time job that might suits my criteria. It's an excellent service when u can apply it online and choose what type of job u are looking for. You can even choose your own day availability and preferred working area! For me myself, having this flexible opportunity makes my day easier as u can study and work at the same time without worrying any clashes of time. Model Galaxies concept works for me, I bet it works for everyone too!"

Neoh Han Wei, ID 3283:

“I am Neoh Han Wei , work for Model Galaxies Company as a part timer for the jobs that they offer. I found it very impressive in this company. They provide a very good service to part timers compared with others. They will take good care of the part timers, even I work for the first time, but I very happy and enjoy myself during the job. They will inform us if any updated jobs, so that we can choose our jobs early and they will inform us if we have been selected by the customers early, so we can do early preparations and arranged ours time.
This company is very good choice for those who find part timers or part timers find jobs to earn some extra money.”

Eveline, ID 3737:

“Model Galaxies is the place to find good jobs. Hans from Model Galaxies is a friendly guy. Payment is also made to me very efficient and fast. Thank you Model Galaxies.”

Lala, ID 4301:

“During those two days I’ve worked with this company as a sales promoter, I felt very welcome with the people that I worked with. From the manager to the supervisor they all showed very enthusiastic character when explaining on how the business works in the market. Generally they all are very friendly person. I’m sure i would not be hesitate to work with them in the future. Thank You.”

Grace, ID 3580:

“As soon as i register under model galaxies, they got a part time job for me. It was such a great offer and the job suits my convenience. The pay they offer was also up to my expectations. Really thanked Model Galaxies for giving me such opportunities.”

Wan, ID 3441:

“With regards to the job that Model Galaxies offered me previously, i would like to express my gratitude as i have gained valuable experiences throughout the two days of promoting the money transfer services. In my view, Model Galaxies had done a tremendous task in ensuring the event ran smoothly. Plus, your guidance had truly helped me since the beginning until the end of the job. Again, thanks for giving me a chance to work for you.”

Choong, ID 4294:

“By far one of the most efficient job agency I've been too. Payment is fast and on time. Those aside, the agents are friendly and polite too. They would make sure everything is done on time and correctly. Definitely looking forward to other job offers in the future. Thanks and keep up the good work!”

Xiao Zong, ID 2054:

“I am still a university student and already join around one year ago.
Model Galaxies offer me a lot of jobs and opportunity.
I already accept a few jobs and the payment also reasonable.
The agency help me increase my pocket money while i working during weekend.
Thus,i have extra money to spend. Thanks to Model Galaxies ^^ ~~~~”

Quah, ID 3135:

“This company is a good agency company, first the staff is very friendly. Even are they who offering us the jobs they will ask us politely. Besides that, they always pay us on time, as previously which they promised. In the future, i definitely will look forward for other jobs at here.”

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